meet the team

Company History & Team Members

     Nordic Offroad was started in the summer of 2018 with two guys with a passion for better products & quality different from any other company you will see on the market today. Our company values that set Nordic Offroad apart since the beginning was our passion for quality, products made in the USA, thinking outside the box, selling products for the working mans budget, and knowing that if we need to get involved in any customer support challenge you can count on us. In the photo above our two company founders are shown. Brandon is shown on the left and Ross is shown on the right. 

      Brandon is our visionary in Nordic Offroad, head of all sales & customer relations. Currently Brandon also owns a security distribution company and has a thriving passion for all things off-road. One of his core values in our company is making sure customer support is #1 plus during events you never know what kind of amazing vision he might have to really take it to the next level. 

   The second founder in Nordic Offroad is Ross, head of all product development,  team sponsorship's & internet media including Facebook & Instagram. Currently Ross is a custom machine design engineer with everything from cutting, assembly, fixture, large machines over 20 foot, and everything is custom/never been done before machines. One of Ross's core values comes from German engineering with the amazing quality for the money. He believes during any product life, you want to buy something you believe in and when you know you've got Nordic values with German engineering consideration, you really can't get a better product.  

Sponsored Team Members

When Nordic Offroad started, one of our first items to accomplish was getting our name out and we did it through team sponsorship's. We wanted to let the off-road world know that our approach to marketing, product development, sales, customer service is driven like none other and it started getting involved with the teams shown below.