The Worlds first small engine 3d printed air scoop


Why fight to get air into the motor? 

                This is Nordic Offroad 3D printed 3 stage minibike air scoop! 

  The patent pending design is unlike anything on the market today and is a first of its kind using 3D printing technology. Scooping/ramming air into the motor can now be done without a turbo/supercharger thanks to this ingenious concept!

Currently this air scoop design fits the stock Coleman CT200 minibike with a 196cc engine.

If you would like a different engine style for this scoop to fit, please email because we're preparing to release other scoop styles in the future. If you've got a custom order please feel free to ask because we do custom orders!


1. 3 stage air flow design throughout the air scooping dynamics and you can see it in the printing finish!

2. Colors! Many different options, so be sure to pick in the options what colors you would like. 

3. The same thumb knob nut from the stock air box can be reused. 

4. 3D printing surface finish comes as an amazing industrial matte style finish. 

5. The material used to 3D print the air scoops is versatile & rigid ABS plastic. 

The waiting time for 3D printing can very depending on qty of scoops you order. The wait time we give for your shipped 3D printed air scoop to be in your hands is about 1 week depending on the manufacturing time per the quantity ordered. 

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Nordic Offroad is one of the first companies to produce a 3D printed air scoop in a production application & also has the worlds first patent pending application filed for this type of product. 

 Interestingly enough the scope of our patent application actually covers any kind of engine defined as OHV, small engine, mini bike engine, and etc. It also covers function stated as an air scoop, ram air, and forced induction into a small engine as defined above.